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Love & Mathematics - A Mix for Proof

On the surface, David Auburn's Proof is a very simple play. Catherine is a mess. Cathy's dad, Robert, was a crazy mathematician, but now he's dead. Cathy's older sister, Claire, is a meddling career woman. And Hal, Robert's former graduate student, is rifling through the office upstairs in search of some great mathematical discovery. Add in some psychological drama, family drama, comedy, and romance, and this well-made play becames an exceptionally elegant and intriguing piece of theatrical fare.

Love & Mathematics - A Mix for Proof

01. Benjamin Gibbard - You Remind Me of Home
You remind me of home: the heater's warm but fills the room
with a potpourri of dust and gas fumes
... You're wasting your life

02. Andrew Bird - The Happy Birthday Song
it's a giant and long cliché,
and that's why i want you to sing it anyway
sing me happy birthday
'cause hell, what's it all about?

03. José González - Fold
I promise one day I'll be coming around
from my cloud to see what it's all about.

04. OK Go - Crash the Party
To hell with Valentine's, to hell with perfume
To hell with chocolates and picnics and Sinatra tunes

05. Broken Social Scene - Love and Mathematics

06. Rilo Kiley - I Never (Live at Pomona, California)
i got nothing to give you, you see
except everything

07. Belle & Sebastian - Wrapped Up in Books
Our aspirations are wrapped up in books
Our inclinations are hidden in looks

08. Eef Barzelay - Lose Big
if you're gonna lose then
you might as well lose big then

09. Explosions in the Sky - So Long, Lonesome

10. The Weakerthans - Uncorrected Proofs
So you fumble for a voice, and sing "Happy Birthday."
Read it to yourself again. The stories always end the same.

11. K's Choice - Song for Catherine
It will pass, things will change
But you don't want to hear that

12. Spoon - My Mathematical Mind
no more riding the brakes

13. The Kings of Convenience - Know-How
Surely, I'm no pioneer
Constellations stay the same

14. Eels - Dusk: A Peach in the Orchard

15. The New Pornographers - Adventures in Solitude
We thought we lost you
Welcome back

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Zip available on Mediafire.

--Stock photos from sxc.hu.
--Actually, all of "You Remind Me of Home" makes me think of Catherine & Robert. I can't help feeling that their father/daughter relationship is a thousand times more realistic and comfortable, even, than Cathy & Hal.
--I like this live version of "I Never" better, because with just Jenny's vocals and the piano, it sounds a lot more intimate.
--I'm now addicted to Explosions in the Sky, since their music strikes me as very cathartic. So consider "So Long, Lonesome" to be playing from the end of Act I, all the way through Intermission.
--And the main reason I made this mix ... is because I'm currently doing Act I, Scene 3 for my acting class. *crosses fingers and hopes for the best*

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I'm really excited to download this; not only do I generally love your mixes, I really love Proof! I had the good luck to see it on Broadway with Mary Louise Parker as Catherine and it was excellent. The movie was pretty decent, too.

Why is love + mathematics such a great combination? Though love + science is just as great (as in my favorite play, Arcadia).

Goodness, now I'm really jealous. I've never seen Mary Louise Parker give a bad performance, so I wish I could have seen her as the original Catherine. (Apparently, they did Proof a few years back at my college, so it figures that I missed that as well.)

Why is love + mathematics such a great combination? Though love + science is just as great (as in my favorite play, Arcadia).

I think because love + anything logic-based just seem to be such polar opposites. It's easy to imagine artists falling in love, but scientists? It runs so contrary to their field of interest that the very concept is fascinating. (Arcadia is definitely one of my three favourite plays. I absolutely adore Septimus Hodge and Thomasina.)

Proof! Sweet! Thank you for this...I'm looking forward to listening to it!

This looks like a beautiful mix. I can't wait to give it a try. Good luck with you acting assignment and thank you!

This looks like a really beautiful mix! I'm trying it out. <3

Nice. 4 ways for me to get Soundtrack goodness. Thanks for the upload and of course great mix. :D

I present you with extreme bouts of win for fanmixing my favorite play of all time. Love Proof; loved the play, hated the movie, etc.

Really great mix you've got here! I haven't had the fortune to see the play, but I really enjoyed the film. Hopkins never ceases to amaze me... Anyhow; I'm snagging, even 'though I already have a few tunes.
Again, congrats! The mix looks wonderful :)

This is wonderful. Thanks!

ooh snags. i really like your mixes (:

Ooh, this is such a great-looking mix, definitely snagging, thanks!

snagged this mix- thank you!

Proof is one of my favorite plays ever. Definitely have to download this. :)

Good luck in your class!

Could you reupload this? I'd really love to take it.

Sure thing. The FileSend & Mediafire links are still active, but I just reuploaded the Sendspace one. Enjoy!

Do you care to reupload this one for me, again? I had an incident with my music folder and am trying to rebuild it as best as I can.

No prob! Sorry for the slight delay, I reorganized all my folders & files and then forgot where I put things.

I reuploaded it here on Mediafire.